Victorian Penalty Interest Rates Calculator

(Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts of Victoria)

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*Interest from 01/07/1983 

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Enter the starting and ending dates for your interest rates calculation, the total amount of your Judgment and optionally an additional/aggregate rate and the case reference.

Click the calculate icon/button and the total amount of interest will appear in the Interest Total box and a full text display of all rate changes and amounts will appear in the large text box below.  

You can copy and paste the resulting calculated interest by copying and pasting into a word or notepad document. To do this, highlight the resulting text interest rates calculation by clicking your left mouse button and dragging it over the required text (Ctrl A to highlight the entire text box after clicking your left mouse button into to the box/text field). Then go to edit copy (or Ctrl C on your keyboard) and paste the copied text into a word or notepad document (Edit, paste or Ctrl V on your keyboard).

Modified by Andrew Leslie 12/6/2002 for use with the Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts of Victoria Australia (pursuant to s2 of the Penalty & Interest Rates Act 1983 - Supreme Court Act 1986 Sect 60 Interest in proceedings for Debt or Damages). Compucourt/Andrew Leslie cannot guarantee that the calculations are true and correct, therefore take no responsibility for the resulting information and its use. 

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